How to Stay Away from Drugs? 


Many people consider trying drugs only once, however, this one time could lead to a life of misery. That is what I thought. I thought I could try something and then never do it again. However, drugs consumed my life. I am here to help you learn how to stay sober. Let us take a look at some tips to stay sober.

Thinking About Trying Drugs? 

If you are considering to use drugs, you should think about why you want to try it. Some people may want to try it to feel more grown-up or even to rebel against loved ones. Oftentimes, teenagers will use drugs to feel cool or to fit in with a certain crowd. For others, it is a way to cope with stress or other problems in their lives. However, there are a lot of better ways that you can do these things besides using drugs. 

What to Do When Offered Drugs? 

You know drugs can cause serious problems in a person’s life. Now, what do you do? The hardest part is saying no to someone offering you drugs. It takes a lot of courage to say no, but it can be done. When you are put on the spot, it may seem difficult to figure out what to say. This is why you should be prepared ahead of time. There are books about teenage drug use that can help parents educate their teenagers about drug use. 

Staying Away from Drugs – Tips 

When people are pressuring a person, it may be hard to say no, and it could lead you down a spiraling path. However, if you do say no, you are likely going to feel better about yourself if you are saying no. If you think that the pressure is mounting and getting to you, there are a few things that can help you. 

  • The first thing you can do is make an excuse. You suddenly find yourself in a pickle and need to leave. Make an excuse to leave the situation. 
  • A helpful thing to do is to ask for support. There are people surrounding you that will always help you. If they are not supporting you, then you should not be around these people. Make new friends who support your decision to stay sober. 
  • Make it a point to avoid events that involve drugs. Go to events that do not put you in a difficult or unsafe situation. 
  • If you are going to a party, there may be drugs. If there are drugs, never put your drink down. People can slip drugs into the drink while you are not looking. 

Last Resorts 

If you find yourself addicted, you may need help. As a parent of a teenager, you should seek intervention for teenage drug use if none of the above statements have gotten through to your son or daughter. Providing your teenager with these helpful say no tips is a great start. However, sometimes, that is simply not enough. There are special programs designed to help teenagers that are addicted to drugs.