He who seeks finds

Hey, it’s Ben again! I’m glad you are here reading more of my story.

In my last post, I told you how I met up with my English friend I met at a stag party and unknowingly bought heroin. By the time I found out what it was, I was already addicted.

I don’t want that to sound like an excuse. I am responsible for the things I put in my body, and not knowing it was heroin is my own fault. I could and should have asked, and I shouldn’t have been doing or buying any drugs at all (especially in a foreign country and on a school trip).

Pretty soon I was spending all my time with Brian and a couple of other guys I met at the stag party (meaning, other people who did heroin). I was either with them or in my dorm room getting high, but I felt more comfortable with the other guys because I was worried the other American students might find out what I was doing.

When I say I was spending all my time with them, I mean really mean all my time. I was hardly going to class anymore, and the professors and other students definitely noticed. We were such a small group it was obvious when someone was missing. When I was in class, I was usually high, which made me act sleepy and confused.

The school noticed and conferred with the university in America. I was expelled and sent home early from the semester abroad.

I was terrified, but not because I had been expelled. No, I was scared to go back to America where I did not yet have any drug connections.

Brian showed me how to smuggle heroin on the airplane so I would have some when I got home to America. Hopefully, it would be enough until I found a supplier there.

The plane ride home was over ten hours. I hadn’t smoked before the flight in case it made me act funny at the security checked, and I didn’t want to get caught with the heroin I was smuggling. I was in agony during that flight and dying for a fix.

I couldn’t go back to university, and I didn’t want my parents to know I’d been expelled. I also knew I had to find someone who would sell me more heroin, quickly.

When I got back, I called one of my friends from school and asked him to connect me with a marijuana dealer. Nobody I knew used heroin, and I didn’t want people to know. I bought some weed from the dealer then asked him if he could hook me up with anyone who sold the big H.

And just like that, I had my heroin supply in the states.