About Me

Hello, my name is Ben, and I am writing this blog to tell you about a difficult time in my life and how I overcame it.

The story I want to share with you is about when I was in my twenties and traveled abroad with my university. I became addicted to drugs while on that trip, and it completely derailed my life.

I am happy to say that I am now sober and have been for years. I was able to finish college and even went on to get a Master’s degree in clinical psychology. I still love to travel and have my own online practice as a therapist specializing in addiction issues.

Before my personal experience with drug addiction, I was studying business but wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do with my life or that degree.

Although the time when I was addicted to drugs was the darkest and most painful period of my life so far (and hopefully ever), I am still grateful for it and do not see it as a waste. I emerged from my addiction with a new purpose in life. Now I am living my dream. I wake up excited every day for my job, get to travel while helping people, and feel like I’m really making a difference in the world.

I’m telling you this story in the hopes that it helps you if you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse. Beating addiction is incredibly hard; trust me, I know. But it is absolutely possible and the best decision and change in your life you will ever make.

A lot of people do not seek treatment for addiction or mental health problems because they think they don’t have the resources, or they are too ashamed. Mental health and addiction are shockingly common issues in today’s world. There are far more people having the same experiences than you might think. Getting help is an act of strength and courage, and you should never feel ashamed or guilty about trying to better yourself.

There are also a significant number of options for those without health insurance or a steady income. Many treatment centers work on a sliding scale fee or can set up an interest-free payment plan for you. I myself offer a sliding scale fee for my therapy sessions. Treatment can be affordable and attainable for everybody, no matter what your financial or insurance situation is.

Thank you for reading and allowing me to share my story with you. I hope it helps you or someone you know.