An Euphoric and Floaty Stag Party

Hi there, it’s Ben! I’m glad you’re back.

In my last post, I told you how I was studying abroad in England with a small group of students from my university. I had never had any serious history with drugs or alcohol before but was always open to any new experiences. I would even consider myself an adrenaline junkie; I have gone sky diving several times, swum with sharks, driven a racecar, and more. I like experiences that excite and challenge me, and even scare me a little bit. So I guess it’s both surprising and unsurprising at the same time that I would try hard drugs.

It all started one weekend night, about a month into the semester abroad. A few of us students went out to a local pub in Sennen on a Friday night for fish and chips (a classic in England) and a few pints, as they call it there. We wanted to blow off some steam after a week of tests and studying.

There was a rowdy group at the bar already watching the game on TV. We started talking to them and found out it was a stag party, which is what they call a bachelor party in England, apparently.

We had a good time talking and laughing with them and exchanging American versus English stories and anecdotes. The group said they were just beginning their night at the pub, and planned to go to several bars and clubs that night for the stag party if we wanted to join. Of course, I said yes, along with a couple of other guys from my school.

The group had gone all out for the party. A limo picked us up from the pub and drove us around to all these fabulous nightclubs. We had bottle service and VIP treatment at every spot because the stag party guys had prearranged it for the bachelor. It was awesome.

I’d had more than my share to drink when I stepped outside one of the clubs to have a cigarette with some other guys in the group. They were smoking cigarettes too but also started passing around a pipe. I took a few hits when it was my turn without thinking. I was drunk, and probably just assumed it was marijuana.

Even though I had had so much to drink, I could instantly tell that this was not marijuana.

I felt euphoric and floaty. It was the best feeling I’d ever felt. I felt calm and peaceful yet super happy at the same time.

Whatever that stuff was, I wanted more.