Vincent – Our French Restaurant Manager and Sommelier Gets Dewy Eyed and Romantic About Sancerre!

Colette, the famous French writer states in her “Earliest wine memories” :
The vines and the wine it produces are two great mysteries. Alone in the vegetable kingdom, the vine makes the true savour of the earth intelligible to man. With what fidelity it makes the translation! It senses, then expresses, in its clusters of fruits the secrets of the soil. The flint, through the vine, tells us that it is living, fusible, a giver of nourishment. Only in wine does the ungrateful chalk pour out its tears…
This month we’re going to discover “La vigne blanche” an outstanding Sancerre by the Bourgeois family
La Vigne Blanche. Sancerre. Domaine Henri Bourgeois 
Henri Bourgeois family 
An acclaimed producer whose wines exhibit the complexity of the terroir of Chavignol, being chalky with a touch of gunflint, initially steely, then ripening in the mouth with a broad array of flavours and wonderful length.
Since the eleventh century noblemen would try to outbid each other just to possess a small parcel of this prized land.
La Vigne Blanche comes from vines grown on slopes separating the village of Chavignol from Sancerre, the terroir being an amalgam of clay and limestone chalk. Oak aged in the barrel for five months on the fine lees, La Vigne Blanche is vinous with herbaceous notes of elderflower and ivy as well as a hint of kiwi fruit.
All the wines are sublime with cheese.
The oak and the Bourgeois family 
Once upon a time, O best beloved, a great oak was planted in what would become the National Forest of Saint-Palais near Bourges. As the centuries passed it grew bigger and stronger and one day became the eldest and most majestic of a line of great oaks that were used to build the frame of the Saint Etienne cathedral in Bourges. Located at the crossroads of telluric forces (yes, this was a feng shui oak tree), legend has it that Sully, King Charles V and Agnès Sorel came to rest at the foot of this great oak and many others since used it as a place of assignation. But in 1993 a violent storm struck down the 433 year-old tree. In the subsequent auction the Bourgeois family outbid interested buyers from around the world to preserve this piece of local culture and to renew it by crafting it into barrels in which they placed the fruit of their most cherished Sauvignon and Pinot vines. As you wipe away a misty tear know that the wines are magnificent, liquid testaments to the vessel in which they have been aged.