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Our Summer Cocktail – Izatonic

Ben Tunniclife is going to be the first one to launch a fantastic cocktail, Izatonic.

Made from the basque liquor Izarra this cocktail is getting more popular by the day ina lot of very trendy places in London;

Created in the Basque country in 1904 by Joseph Grattau, the liquor was originally produced in Bayonne. in the 80’s it was bought by Remy Cointreau . In 2015 Roland Giscard d’Estaing (nephew of the former French President)buy Izarra from Cointreau through his UK based company Spirited Brands.

Roland says :
“ Izarra is the Basque “star” that protects and guides us.

It was and remains one of the major symbols of the Basque Country that shines throughout the region, in France and around the world. Izarra is one of the Basque Country’s greatest ambassadors that has given a certain vision of the region for more than a century.

Marketed in the Americas in the 1910s and in 72 countries from 1970, Izarra has always promoted the Basque culture of its times. Exporting the image of the Basque Coast, Basque sports and Basque cultural traditions, Izarra now seeks to promote a way of discovering the elegance, beauty and vitality of the Basque Country through its landscapes and all those who defend its contemporary elegance. “

About Izatonic:

Izatonic is a perfectly balanced cocktail with a mix of acidity, bitterness and sweetness.

Created in 2017 in Les Aldudes (Basque Country) during a MasterClass gathering top local barmen and mixologits.

Izarra then created an environment ,a special recipe and a way to serve and present the newly created cocktail, including a new taylor-made glass.

Perfect alternative to G&T, Izatonic is a nicer floral version of it. The other interest , and danger, is that by the second glass you will be seriously in love with it…