Many Hands

It takes a team of people to help bring you the quality food that you expect. Ben, Harry and the team pride themselves on working with the best local producers and fishmongers.

Every morning Ben talks with his fishmonger. Building close relationships means that we can bring to you the best quality fish at the best price. In addition to bringing you the best quality, sustainable fishing is a high priority for Ben and the team ensure our fish is ethically sourced and locally landed here at Sennen and nearby Newlyn to ensure freshness and reduce food miles. Newlyn generates the widest variety and most valuable catch in the country.

Cornwall offers stunning landscapes and undiscovered gems tucked away across the county. Travelling on narrow, windy country lanes you will come across local producers amongst the green valleys, wild moorland and picturesque coastline. Here you will find a diverse range of farmers growing top quality produce. Some are community farms run by dedicated individuals and artisans crafting award-winning food and drink products. It’s all close to the golden sands of Sennen here in West Penwith and it’s thanks to these relationships that we can bring you a menu full of freshness and seasonality all year round.

It’s the people behind the produce and their dedication and effort that helps deliver your delicious plate of food. The team here at Sennen appreciate what the people behind the produce do and we love buying their food that they so proudly produce. Sharing the values of these businesses results in a spirit of collaboration, the ‘many hands’ approach.