Dad and Daughter Time at Sennen Cove

Approaching Sennen and turning right down the hill towards the Cove you can sense the ocean –
really feel it close by. It affects the weather the temperature and has shaped this gloriously proud
and tough peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic. The rugged beauty of West Penwith and the land
west of Penzance bends to the power of the ocean. As you drive further west, fewer trees, a wider
horizon and big skies.  Roof down on the car and my daughter already ‘suited and booted’
in her wet suit and ready for the surf. I love it and Scarlett loves it too. We are truly blessed to be
able to indulge in yet another day in Sennen Cove, on the beach and in the sea – proper dad and
daughter time. The sun’s out so sunglasses on and our tune of the season flowing out of
the ancient radio. ‘Lucky’ our Springer in the back – ears flying in the wind looking majestic!
This is precious time. Scarlett is 11, full of youthful fun and energy and doesn’t think her dad is the
most embarrassing person on the planet – just yet. I know I’m on borrowed time so I have to grab
every second and enjoy and indulge it as those teenage years are coming over the horizon. Hopefully
these times will stay with her like they do me and she’ll come back to me and we can do it again
after the teenage angst.In the meantime we both want to make the best of today. Two hours in the surf for Scarlett with her instructor then we’re in together. A party wave or two – special moments for us both to share
and reflect on. An hour for me and I’m all in so back up the beach and after the guilty pleasure of a
high pressure hose down of Scarlett and her suit and board it’s into the restaurant and back to Lucky. Hot
chocolate followed by one of Ben’s specials for a relaxed lunch and a pint of Head Launcher from the
Surf Den and were off again – along the coast path with Lucky for a mad dash chasing rabbits or
bouncing through the grass. Then a play around on what surely must be one of the best beaches in Cornwall
and back to grab a pizza before heading home. Tired, but a good tired. Same again tomorrow – Eat
Sleep, Rave Repeat (or is it Play Eat Drink!).Dad and daughter time – nothing like it, truly special.