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Christmas on the Cost

Christmas is nearly here!
Why don’t you celebrate your festive season this year with Christmas at Sennen, fine foods, fantastic drink and walk off your Christmas lunch on the coastal path or beach, there’s something to suit all tastes at this special time of the year….
Throughout December, dates are available for your Christmas celebrations and gatherings.
Discover the perfect destination at Christmas for you and your loved ones right here at Sennen.

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Vincent Considers a Wine Floozy From Portugal!

This month, we will talk about the wine that will get the prize of our favourite label if there were such a thing : Julia Florista from Vidigal wines in Portugal.

The Story :
Julia Florista (1883-1925) : Flower girl and spontaneous Fado singer, with a parochial and bohemian nature. Her songs echoed through the streets of old Lisbon, in taverns and houses of aristocrats. In spite of a short life, she left us in heritage, “The spirit of Fado”, engraved in two 78 rpm discs. Only 12 people attended her funeral – that’s Fado’s destiny !

The Company :
Vidigal Wines is a family run, medium size wine company that produces still and dessert wines.
Located in the centre of Portugal, near the city of Leiria, Vidigal was established in the beginning of the 20th Century in a winery founded by a Church Canon.
Throughout the last century the company had several owners. Acquired in the 90’s by the current Managing Director, António Mendes Lopes, Vidigal went through great management and technological advances that are now producing fruit ( no pun intenend ) allowing the winery to produce over 3 million bottles of wine annually.
Vidigal is owned by the Danish/Portuguese Managing Director António Mendes Lopes (60%) and by a Norwegian Investment Company (40%).
António Lopes has over 30 years of experience in the wine world. He founded a Wine Import company in Denmark, importing wines from many regions of the world, enabling him to build knowledge and expertise at a global level.
António Mendes Lopes actively participates in the process of wine making together with his two main oenologists: António Ventura (Portuguese Oenologist of the year 2006) and Rafael Neuparth.
In terms of production, Vidigal has partnerships in the area of Lisbon representing 1,112 acres of vineyards, as well as in other Portuguese wine regions: Tagus, Douro, Alentejo, Dão, Beiras and Vinho Verde.
The majority of wines Vidigal produces, in particular the ones from the region of Lisbon, originate from vineyards close to the Atlantic Ocean and as such the sea breeze has an influence on the wines produced, presenting us with a range of wines that are fresh and always very fruity.
The main grape varieties used by Vidigal are: Touriga Nacional, Aragonez (Tinta Roriz), Castelão, Syrah and Cabernet.

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A Winter Affair – Your Wedding

Summer is long gone and the nights are drawing in, everyone loves being by the sea during during the summer months, a winter wedding here can be utterly magical and romantic and we can help you make it spectacular in your own special way.
As the seasonal chill sets in, soft lighting, candles and fairy lights set throughout the restaurant to create an atmosphere all your own. Themed with a winter feel or perhaps Spring looking to the new season.
Winter wedding packages are available for couples who wish to add a special touch to the occasion. Make your winter wedding one to remember unique, beautiful and memorable.

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Everybody Loves a Loyalty Card

On the 31 October 2017 we introduced our new Friends Loyalty Card called ‘Friends of Ben at Sennen’.

Eating and Drinking is fun! Especially when we will be offering a free lunch for two if you collect 9 stickers. Just use your card during each visit, have two courses and purchase one drink and the stickers will start adding up.


Ben’s Cauliflower Cheese

What better way to follow a walk on the beach, an autumn surf or just cosying up as the evening’s draw in than with a hearty home made cauliflower cheese.

And who better to provide the best recipe than our very own Ben Tunnicliffe.

Have a go at his take on a warming winter classic:-

Make a white sauce/béchamel, (Recipes readily available online) add a bit of English mustard some strong cheddar and a bit of blue cheese to taste, adjust seasoning with salt and pepper if necessary
Fry or grill some smoked bacon until crispy, cool and blitz in a food processor with some breadcrumbs
Break cauliflower into florets and boil in salted water until just cooked. Refresh in cold water if not using straight away and drain really well.
Put the cauliflower florets into a suitable oven proof dish cover with plenty of sauce, scatter smoked bacon bread crumbs over and bake at approx 180 until piping hot and golden brown, if hot but not brown, finish under a hot grill briefly, be careful it will colour quickly under the grill

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Raise and Glass and Celebrate the New Year!

New Year is the time of year where you can join us for a night of fun as we move into 2018.

Spend New Year’s Eve by the sea, as Ben Tunnicliffe Sennen Cove throws a film themed party. See 2018 in from our fabulous venue, enjoying DJ sets by our fab Resident DJ Samiad, a film quiz, great company and great food.

Tickets available – £20.00 (£25.00 on this night), includes welcome drink and buffet. 9pm – 1am.

Reserve via our online booking system at http://benatsennen.com

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Wedding Drinks to Remember

Your special day and you will want to pay particular attention to the drinks you serve your guests and your wine choice in particular.

You will notice by our monthly blogs that wine is something we take particular interest in here at Ben Tunnicliffe Sennen Cove, and you will find Vincent our in-house Sommelier very happy to assist you selecting your perfect wine.

With wines from growers and producers from all over the world there will be a taste and style to suit your food and budget and we’ll help you select the right wines for your day. From interesting choices to notable classics and vintages, champagne to reds, we’ll make exploring your wine choices as enjoyable as drinking it.

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Woman and Champagne

This month we look at possibly the most celebrated of wines – Champagne! And look at one of the most delightful features of our current wine list – Veuve Cliquot.

Did you know champagne was originally created by accident? It is said that wine makers tried to create a still wine but the cold temperatures in northern France prematurely halted fermentation, leaving dormant yeast cells, which in the spring would awaken and start fermenting again causing 90% of the bottles to explode, and that is how champagne was born.

What is not well known, is that it has been ladies at the forefront of champagne making.

Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin stepped into the executive position of her deceased husbands winery, and by the time of her death in 1866, Veuve Clicquot was one of only four or five brands known worldwide. This century is no different with Virginie Taittinger being the first lady to create her own unique assemblage. Virginie Taittingers family is no exception to owing their success to a lady. Her grandmother Yolande re-built the famous Maison Piper-Heidsieck

In fact, the past 200 years of Champagne history can be viewed through the lives of the powerful women who helped shape it.

For ten years Madame Louise Pommery owned a small vineyard in 1868 she expanded it to a 124-acre vineyard, at the time of her death in 1890 Pommery champagne was drunk in 80 different countries.

The great name of Bollinger, was also created by a woman, Madame Bollinger.

So celebrate Women and Champagne and try the lovely Veuve Cliquot in the restaurant today, a tightly knit champagne, focused by robust acidity and a streak of minerality, offering subtle notes of white peach, anise, biscuit and kumquat perfectly paired with fish.

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Fish and Chips Ben Tunnicliffe Sennen Cove – got to be tried.

Simply a fantastic dish! A British tradition – fish and chips by the sea, always a winner.

It is the nation’s favourite dish and it is almost certainly our most iconic

Ben and the team know a thing or two about tasty fish and chips. Freshest fish, crispy beer batter and hand cut chips. We are passionate about offering the finest fish and chips for your pleasure after a hearty beach visit!

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Remember Remember the 4th November – Bonfire night, Sennen Cove

Bonfire Night, a real autumn celebration. Its history begins with the events of 5 November 1605, when Guy Fawkes, a member of the Gunpowder Plot, was arrested while guarding explosives the plotters had placed beneath the House of Lords.
This year on Saturday 4th November, Ben Tunnicliffe Sennen Cove will be celebrating with a Bonfire Party. From 4pm. Bonfire on the beach, hearty strew and toffee apples. What’s not to like!