A Little Known Classic from our Spring Summer Wine List – One of Vincent’s Favourites

Exploring our new wine list why not start by our top red wine , the one in the bottom of the list: Chateau Musar from Lebanon.

We’ll leave the tasting notes for once (we’ll explore them later) to concentrate on the history of the Musar venture betwen french influence and Lebanon wars.

The winery was established by Gaston Hochar in 1930 after returning from Bordeaux.

The current proprietors are the sons, Ronald and Serge Hochar, the latter managing the estate since 1959, with Ronald Hochar assuming marketing and finance department responsibilities since 1962.

In 1959, Serge Hochar becomes Chateau Musar winemaker, while completing his winemaking studies at the University of Oenology in Bordeaux, under the tutorage of Jean Riberau and Emile Peynaud

The international discovery of Musar took place at the Bristol Wine Fair of 1979 when auctioneer and taster Michael Broadbent and journalist Roger Voss selected Musar 1967 as the “discovery of the Fair”.

Despite war in Lebanon and frequent tension, with the exception of the 1976 vintage (1984 was made, despite difficulties in transporting the grapes to the winery. It has not yet been released commercially), wine has been produced at the Château every year, with employees sometimes working under high-risk conditions. The 1992 red Château Musar production was declassified due to a weak vintage.

Though comparisons are sometimes made with Bordeaux wine, Burgundy wine or Rhône wine, it is most frequently maintained that the wine of Musar is unique.